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USPS Community Finance

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Research, Copywriting, Advertising

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UI/UX, Branding, Art Direction,
Research, Copywriting

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Branding, Research,
Copywriting, Print Design

Alexis Contreras

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This project focuses on those who are considered unbanked or underbanked. People can be unbanked or underbanked for many different reasons. Some of these reasons include distrusting banks, having low income, having bad credit, no access to banks nearby, being undocumented, being blacklisted, and many more.

Managing finance while unbanked means you must rely on alternative financial products and services—such as payday loans, check cashing services, money orders, and pawnshop loans. Some of these services can be very expensive or even predatory and can cause cycles of debt.


From 1911 to 1966, the USPS offered some banking services.
It helped many unbanked and underbanked people during this time, and it could help them again today. The USPS must serve everyone in the country, even in the most remote locations; this allows us to reach a larger audience and help start them off with their first bank account or give them a second (or third or fourth) chance at it.



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